The Powers of holy Udi. A Miracle (cont’d)

The story of travelling udi from last week continues

Thank you, dear readers, for patience you didn’t lose.

Pleasantly surprised, Nana had anxiety writ on his brow

When bua turned around to thank the tonga driver,

He wasn’t to be seen or found. Astonished at his

sudden disappearance Ramgir bua wondered who it was,

but more pressing matters, his immediate attention sought.

On hearing Nana’s dilemma Rangir bua gave him the holy udi

A packet Baba had sent, for Nana’s daughter, now in extreme agony.

Screaming in pain of childbirth, she thought it was time

For her to leave the world, with her unborn child inside.

But can a devotee, suffer ceaselessly or without help

When Baba he has called, can succour be distant?

Taking the packet of udi Nana Saheb handed to his wife

Who mixed a little with water, gave their daughter to drink.

The rest she smeared over the aching, affected part,

In no time, the young, suffering lady gave birth.

wailing sounds of the new born, rented the sombre air

Nanasaheb broke into a smile and sobbed without a care

He thanked Ramgir bua for his timely appearance

Which had saved two dear ones, without whom he would despair.

Ramgir bua in turn thanked him for sending the tonga nigh

Which brought him from the station, without anxiety of the fare.

It was Nana’s turn to feel astonished at bua’s declaration

Which tonga asked he? I had no inkling or indication

That you would come a visiting at this hour of need

So how could I ever send a tonga or snacks at top speed

The gentlemen who had sung Baba’s aarti a while ago

Allowed the happening to sink in, before they did further explore

As the happening unfolded for another, the second time

The ardent devotees realised, it was none other than their saviour kind.

It was Sai Baba himself who had donned the garb of a tonga driver,

Had setaed Ramgir bua in it and brought him to Jamner

Having made Ramgir bua comfortable had offered him some snacks

As a tonga driver, Baba himself, a devotee did escort

The two humbled Bhaktas at their good fortune felt blessed

Sai Baba had come to their rescue and his promise kept

You look to me, I look to you Baba said time and again

Oh Bhaktas! Give lovingly Shraddha and Saburi, nothing more.

The miracle of Jamner is how this incident is known,

When Sai himself came to rescue, while in Shirdi present

His omnipresent kindness the two Bhaktas experienced

How couldn’t then each one be in a state of extreme bliss?

Miracle to us common folk, to Baba but a helping hand

As he had promised his believers, he’d help one who called

Having assured of his eternal presence, Baba kept his word

A protective father, a loving mother, Sai Baba is always there.

The omnipresence of Baba, the gift of miracle healer udi

Watch this space for Baba’s love; complete life’s journey blissfully.


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