Baba’s two paise: Shraddha & Saburi.

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A heart of Gold, a soul so pure,

lived in Shirdi a saint, humble to the core

His deeds were many, his words very few

One who was in trouble, came to him, askew

But when the anxious, left holy Dwarkamayee

His woes ended, he himself felt renewed

A fresh fervour, a new spring visible in his gait

No afflictions bother him, as they did, Night and day

So was this loving saint then, so is the holy man today

Tho’ a hundred years have gone by, amidst us he still stays

Responding with promptness to distress call of devotees

Shirdi Sai Baba is simple and easy to appease

all he asks for is two paise,

No money or fortunes, no bungalows or flashy life

Those who understand him well, do not their time while

They humbly place two paise, at his benevolent lotus feet

With Shraddha and Saburi, the renowned saint they please.

Give me nothing, give me all, was his contrasting refrain

No! He wasn’t befuddled, nor wished to see us strained

When asking for nothing, he indicated money isn’t prime

Essential to basic living, no rushing after it all the time,

Don’t make it life’s sole object, have faith in the divine

Live life the way you ought to, what you seek, you will find

This is all that Shirdi Sai said to his thronging devotees

Give me 100% and be blessed, exit this world in pure bliss

I do not pine your riches, nor clothes nor food nor house

When I ask for everything I want your love O devout.

Give me utmost devotion, always keep me in your mind

Show Shraddha, have patience, if your goal you do not find

You may ask for hundred, and I may grant a thousand more

Rest assured dear Bhaktas, your good is my sole concern

But if I give you fifty, doesn’t mean I love you less,

It’s just that fifty is sufficient, like poison all the rest.

Two paise give me always, your entire life sail through

These paise I most value, way above everything you choose

One paise is Shraddha, utmost love for God Supreme

Two paise is Saburi, the patience I want you to keep

Patience that what happens is always for the best

It is a clarion to sound you, no time there is to rest

Focus only on ‘naam jaap,’ utter often Allah Malik

If Yade Haq adorns your lips, you need no more to uplift.

Chant his holy name, sing his praise till its time

to bid adieu to the world, meet your Maker super fine

God is one entity, no matter what name you wish to give

He looks after his children equally, no trepidation keep.

He brought us into this world, each one of us unique

let us then stay together, offering him

Trust & devotion, his eager gaze doth seek.

Nishtha and Faith are the source of true, ultimate joy

Topped with loving patience, there ain’t a better ploy

To bring him into our life, we need these basic two

“So give me what I long for and give it to Him too.

Two paise is all I want, dear Bhaktas show not greed

Shraddha & Saburi is treasure, no wealth e’er can compete!”






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