Baba speaks to us: Sabka Malik Ek ♦♦

sabka malik ek
Om Sai Ram

Supreme, Almighty, the Omniscient is one entity

Whichever name you choose to give

To Him each one of you is priority,

Irrespective of the faith, looks with kindly eyes

Worship Him in Masjid, Call out to Him YA ILAHI

Or prostrate before Him in temples


Kneel reverentially before Him in a Church,

Holy HYMNS you sing for succour & respite

Utter holy words WAHE GURU in Gurudwara

Be showered with blessings by the Guru Granth Sahib.

Whether a Hindu or Christian or of Sikh faith

Or Parsi, Muslim, Buddhist or Mahavir believer Jain;

(What difference does it make?)

You are God’s children, who loves you all equally

For what the discord, why the conflict and futile struggle

I wish to tell you children, remember evermore

 God sent you to this amazing world as one

What made you go so askew?

He gave one earth, one sky and heaven

Which everyone could share

But dividing into segments, you set your hatred lose

In so doing you separated and distanced yourself from love

When compartmentalised, in confinement, love is under duress

Awaken to a reality, before your eternal rest

‘SABKA MALIK EK HAI’, accept this humble truth you must.

Love and devotion are common to every of your kind,

So why give colour, sect importance, when it isn’t really prime?

When giving love it should be with a heart open to all

With me, Sai Baba, beside you, hold no fear at all

Hari is our protector and so is loving Allah

Christ took the cross; taking upon Him sins of yours

Guru Nanak Devji teaches, goodness to one and all

Come together, O dear children, who doth ever benefit in strife?

God is one, and will always be, join forces, to find peace,

Alleviate the pain He currently feels, do that which will Him please.”

Sabka Malik Ek. God is ONE




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