Baba loves and cares for all living beings!

From Pathri to Shirdi, a distance difficult & large

He covered it with ease as an innocent young lad

Adopting as an abode, in the nearby babul jungle lived

 till Shirdi residents, beckoned him within precincts

He gazed at the dilapidated masjid and knew it at a glance

That would his place of stay, his residence for long

Dutifully he cleaned it; lovingly called it Dwarkamayee,

In it he lit the Dhuni  which still gives us curative udi.

On the outside he tenderly nurtured a garden Lendi Baug

Trees and flowering plants blossomed, replacing the rocks

His gentleness was evident in the way he cared for all

To his lap came all beings, with no fear at all

Dogs hovered outside, waiting to be fed food

And birds? Twittered around the pot which contained a brew

A mix of dals and pulses and broken pieces of bhakri kept

Invited one and all hungry, to take a few bites and rest.

Appeasing hunger, is the perfect way to connect with the divine

Offer food and experience satisfaction sublime.

His love for all beings surpassed what one has seen.

To Shirdi flocked dogs, goat, bull, tiger, lizards, as much as men

When so much care was showered on everyone who came

Why then any living being, from Shirdi would refrain?

Himself with love and tenderness, Baba fed dogs milk and bhakri

After giving them food, he petted affectionately.

A goat once tethered to a peg outside Dwarkamayee was seen,

He sought its redemption, asking devotees to end its misery.

Each Bhakta made excuses and make good his escape

When Sai asked them individually, the ailing goat to slay.

then along came Kaka Saheb Dikshit, bowed to his Guru’s diktat

However, before the knife could touch the suffering creature’s neck

He heard his Guru’s call. Stopping him, Sai questioned about his dharma

Baba thereafter Dikshit bhau did reprimand. His loyal Bhakta responded

Religion he had none; ever since he had reposed trust in Baba’s loving ways.

The goat was saved and so was bhau form committing a sin,

But in doing so he had displayed his love for Baba for real!

 Baba’s love for a being was clearly seen, the bleating goat

Was taken care till its natural end it did meet.

More happenings amazing, occurred in Baba’s Shirdi

When several other beings, Baba’s loving care did seek.

To read about the tiger and bull and birds and more

Dear Bhaktas do await for next week’s Sai’s post.



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