What do you think about Chapter 2?

Last week Om Sai Ram, Baba’s blog underwent a makeover with a view to inviting more and more people to share their understanding of Shree Sai Satcharita.

Grateful 🙏to Meera, Dineshji who came on board. Meera your views about the grinding of wheat by Baba Sai are simply amazing. Dineshji, thank you ever so much for your valuable thoughts. Waiting for more!

Today, I humbly, request each of you to share your version of Chapter 2, so that all of us get a new insight into the Satcharita and are the wiser for it! 🙂

Sai Ram. Thank you. 🙏

Come now! Let’s explore Chapter 2!

The book: Shree Sai Satcharita  Author: Shri Govind Raghunath Dabholkar alias Hemadpant alias Annasaheb

Shree Sai Satcharita: Chapter 2, The Purpose of the Narration relating to the recounting of the Naming Ceremony.

Summary: This chapter may be segmented into three. In the first part, the author, Annasaheb Dabholkar shares the reason behind writing another book on Sai Baba despite there being several others when the Satcharita was published. (1930) Several vernacular writers had written about Baba’s life and blessings both in prose and verse form. But then, occurrences relating to Baba’s benevolence are innumerable and no single writer can do justice to it. Hence, Baba’s Hemadpant, placing the onus on Baba, began writing about as many incidents as he could in His pothi. Undoubtedly, as Hemadpant states, listening to/reading even a few from the Satcharita is like drinking Amrit, elixir. Baba himself supported Anna Saheb’s noble intent: “You have my wholehearted support. The writer is a mere instrument. I have to write it Myself.”

In the second segment, Annasaheb extolls the virtues of saints who get works written by their devotees. He lists the works of many saints over the ages stating how we may have been the poorer without them.

The final segment pertains to Anna Saheb’s awakening to the significance of a Guru in one’s life, his overcoming of all doubts pertaining to the need of having a guide at all and his gratitude towards his dear friends, Nana Saheb Chandorkar and Hari Sitaram Dikshit who  ensured that he made that first as well as essential trip to Shirdi. Annasaheb dillydallied at first, postponing the visit for he wasn’t convinced about the necessity of a Guru Yet, subsequently, he overcame these to arrive at the steps of Dwarkamayi, and be mesmerised by Baba’s divine aura. Interestingly, the dubiety about the efficacy of a Guru arose once again on the holy soil of Shirdi too! Annasaheb became embroiled in a long drawn, intense argument with another bhakt, Bala Saheb Bhate at the wada where the two were staying. While Shri Bhate supported the presence of a Guru, Govind Raghunath Dabholkar, our Annasaheb spoke against it.

And then came the turning point. Moments later when the bell for aarti rang, the arguing duo along with Kaka Saheb Dixit and others assembled in Dwarkamayi. Immediately Baba posed a question to Kaka Dixit: “What was going on in the Wada? What was the controversy?” And then, to Anna Saheb’s astonishment, Baba looking at him asked Dixit, “What did this Hemadpant say?”

Dumbfounded by Baba’s knowledge about what had transpired in the wada, without having moved from Dwarkamayi, a fair distance away, Anna Saheb looked at Baba. The thought flashed: Why had Baba called him Hemadpant, a short form of Hemadripant, the well-known and accomplished minster of King Mahadev of the Yadav Dynasty? Hemadripant had written several books on diverse subjects whereas Annasaheb was a novice, with no such treatise to his credit. Could Baba’s barb have been about the skillful arguments which Annasaheb was having with Shri Bhate? Whatever it was but the arrow had found its home and Annasaheb felt ashamed at his behaviour, simultaneously feeling humbled by Baba’s knowledge of all that goes on at places where he does not even venture! He also realised the futility of pointless arguments, those with little substance. And ultimately acknowledged both the greatness as well as the necessity of a Guru in one’s life.

The essence and analysis of Chapter 2: What is the reason for writing this chapter? What is Anna Saheb’s message? Quite straightforward. No knowledge is complete without the guidance of an accomplished guru. No matter how skilled one may consider oneself, not without the blessings of God and the Guru can they progress spiritually in life. It is a guru who can put to rest all inner conflicts that plague the mind and prove detrimental in the journey of life. And the key to a Guru’s door is Humility. The presence of the Guru, who is the medium between God and us, makes our life’s journey obstacle-free and smooth. Yet it is only when the guru so wishes that we can arrive at his doorstep. Our good deeds and past actions lead us to him.

Why did the argument play out between the two gentlemen, both learned and respected in their respective areas? Only to settle all niggling doubts! Baba spoke rarely and in a few but absolutely accurate words. Inner conflict is removed forever due to a single miraculous word ‘Hemadpant’ which sets Annasaheb thinking. It resolves his queries about why a Guru is required for a successful and fruitful life.  It awakens him to the reality of a Guru’s all-knowing ability. It makes Annasaheb realise, and through him us, that nothing escapes the discerning eye of a Guru. Surrendering to him in a humble stance is the way to supreme happiness which no worldly accomplishments can ever help attain.

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Eagerly waiting for your thoughts and views. 🙂

Meet you here next Thursday then! 🤝 ummm… Tuesday as well!



8 Replies to “What do you think about Chapter 2?”

  1. Anna Saheb’s message for writing this HOLY BOOK is that BABA wanted him to write HIS leelas and HE only got this done through Anna Saheb. HE called him Hemadpant, at par with learned and accomplished minister Hemdripant
    I totally agree, that Without the grace of Guru, one cannot achieve anything. Guru connects us to GOD. It is necessary to have GURU, so HE can guide you all along

    May the blessings of Saibaba be with you on this good work.


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  2. It taught us the utmost importance of Guru in overcoming obstacles in life.Baba had given Hemadpant title to knock down the ego of most respected Annasaheb whom feels that there is no necessity of a Guru when you have sufficient knowledge..Baba had made him realise that it is impossible to master and have knowledge about everything..and we should always be humble and respect others point of view. Next,Baba had always assigned certain work to his devotees which would benefit others and when we get such a call..we should just initiate without a second thought as we are mere instrument and Baba is the doer of that divine task.OmSaiRam🙏🙏

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    1. Kanmani. This is so awesome. Not to give a single thought since Guru has already thought things out for us. Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts. Waiting to hear more. Sai Ram 🙏🙏

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  3. Om Sai Ram! Beautifully explained, Bindu. It is a very good initiative. Makes one want to reach for Sri Saisatcharita once again and know our beloved Sai a little more.

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  4. Baba’s leelas are like the ananta sagar – the eternal ocean. Even thousands of books written on Him will not make it complete.
    He manifests through His leelas yug after yug! There is no dearth of devotees experiences. No wonder Anna saheb could write again.
    Every word uttered by Baba had a message to convey. In fact HIS Life was HIS message.
    Bindu ji I personally feel you are modern day Hemadpant to have taken up this great work. Your explanation is so direct, simple to the core and heart touching.
    I wish you success in all your endeavours.

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    1. Subhadra ji what you say is absolutely true. Every word from Baba carries much weight and meaning and conveys nothing less than a million words loaded with thoughts. Hence each one of us write and still there is so much like the endless ocean to explore.
      Am really small, a blip, that’s seen now and invisible the next moment. Hemadpant ji is a writer par excellence, blessed in person by Baba Sai. 🙏🙏 Just trying and saying a few words. That you relate to them is a blessing. Truly a beautiful blessing. Sai Om 🌹🙏


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