Rest assured, you can count on Him

Baba Sai can’t bear to see his devotees or a single member of their family suffer. 😇When Shri Kharpade’s (writer of the Kharpade Diary) young son was suffering from very high fever, his wife rushed to her protector, Sai Baba with an appeal of help on her lips. Loving words of reassurance came forth from Baba,

“Know that the skies are overcast. The rains will come and the harvest will ripen. The clouds will clear up.”

Why are you afraid?”

And then he revealed the four enlarged buboes that had been concealed under his kafni all so that the little boy be saved from any further pain or suffering. His afflictions had become those of Baba Sai.

“See, I have to bear this because of your difficulties.”

Baba stays awake so He can take care of each one of us. 🙏😇

On Monday morning when i woke up fretting, a message from Him made me feel ashamed😔of myself: You need to select any one: either fear or me and if you go for fear, that means you don’t have faith in me.

One can imagine my state of mind in those moments!

Sree Sai Satcharita. Ovi 106 -108 Chapter 7, The Narration of Various Stories.

Last Tuesday Baba’s words expressed His love for his bhakts. To read them click here.

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