And the page opened to…food…

An interesting story around the Tarkhad family of Mumbai unveils below. The son Jyotindra had reservations about escorting his mother Seetadevi to Shirdi for Sai’s darshan

Unless Sai is offered naivedya, no one should eat the food at home. Until this is promised, I won’t be able to go carefree.” (Ovi 83)

The father promised to feed Baba daily in his son’s absence,

Baba accept my services in the same way, as my son was doing the puja. Let it not be just a drill, on my part. Pour your love into my heart.” (Ovi 88)

But one day the constraints of work made him forget and Sai did not get the offering of food. He informed the son, who was in Shirdi about this slipup in Mumbai:

The master of the house was not at home. I was ravenously hungry. I had to return home, in the heat of the afternoon.” (Ovi 109)

The error was corrected, followed up by an exchange of letters between the father and the son.

But then on another occasion during her stay in Shirdi when Mrs. Tarkhad fed a dog and a pig spattered in mud, Sai said,

Oh, mother you fed me today, because of which I am full up to my throat. I was overcome with hunger and you satisfied me.” (Ovi 120)

The significance of food is established by Baba Sai Himself.

“……This is the kindness I preach. Give food to the hungry first and then eat yourself……(Ovi 122)

Shree Sai Satcharita. Ch 9 Untitled. For last week’s Sai Vachan, click here.

Oops! Missed these, last time

Why Untitled? What could the writer Hemadpant say when Baba had Himself pronounced, “Food is ParaBrahma”

A collection of stories about the Tarkhads of Bandra Mumbai: Each one about food shows its immense importance for sustenance, in expressing love and devotion to Baba through feeding anyone hungry as well as feeding Sai Himself, whether in person as it happened in those days or his image as we do today. Om Sai.

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