Origin or Action? Which matters more?

“Can anyone become a saint by wearing dhoties with silken borders? To become a saint what is required is hard penance till the bones wear out thin and blood becomes water.” (Ovi 79) ……Can anyone attain God-hood without efforts?…… (ovi 80) Gaulibuva, a Vitthal devotee, who visited Sai Baba (Shirdi).

When this holy man praised Sai, the intrigue around the young lad grew and the villagers wanted to know more about Him.

“ Who are the fortunate parents of this little boy? And how and whence has he come here……? (Ovi 125)

But the little boy was wise and understood the insignificance of everything in light of the larger picture, that of seeking and attaining the Divine. He knew that chanting the name of God is way more relevant to progress much better than the elders who hovered around him to seek answers about his unexpected appearance on the outskirts of Shirdi! Gradually, the energy invested in finding out about Sai’s origins was diverted towards his worship; the focus shifted from the regular to the spectacular- that of miracle days and secure nights!

Sai Satcharita. Chapter 4, The Appearance of Sai Samarth

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